Dr. Zein Obagi

For over three decades, Dr. Zein Obagi defined the concept of skin health and developed skincare treatments and programs that can create truly healthy skin. Now with the introduction of ZO Medical products, Dr. Obagi’s next generation of therapeutic skincare products and treatments are exclusively available at Neo Laser Medical Spa.

Advanced Skin Health Solutions
Under the guidance of Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health has developed a wide spectrum of therapeutic treatment protocols for everyone regardless of skin condition, age, gender, or ethnicity. Based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology- biotechnology complexes, plant stem cell components, and multi-therapy delivery systems-these products and programs have been    optimized for your specific needs.

The ZO Definition of Healthy Skin
Smooth * Strong * Firm * Even Toned * Hydrated * Disease Free

ZO Skin Health by Dr. Obagi is exclusively available at Neo Laser Medical Spa.



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