Intense Pulsed Light, commonly known as IPL, Photo rejuvenation, or Photofacial, is not a laser. Instead, it is a broadband light that uses an intense series of light pulses over the face and body to remove age spots, pigmentation, and those areas where broken capillaries can cause an appearance of red irritation. With today’s outdoor lifestyle, sun-damaged skin is all too common and can affect your appearance and self-image. Our goal is to help you improve the quality of your overall appearance. Neo Laser Medical Spa can provide the advanced facial treatment that will deliver precise amounts of light energy through the skin’s surface to stimulate the production of collage and reduce pigmentation.

During the treatment, levels of energy specific to your skin type are used to maximize the final result. Once delivered, the light energy is absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue. After any treatment, you should follow proper home care instructions, avoiding any harsh skin cleansers and always use sunscreen. IPL treatment is a unique process to enhance the overall appearance of skin. Each of us experiences a level of damage to the skin caused by exposure to the sun and through the natural aging process. No matter what age you are, preventing and protecting against the effects of sun damage and aging begins with an understanding of the condition of your skin and taking steps to improve that condition. IPL is a part of that process.

Depending on the area treated, most clients need approximately 2 to 3 treatments. Treatments usually take from 30 to 60 minutes. Treatments are spaced out at approximately three week intervals.

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